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We go far beyond to reach your targeted customers for you. EVERYWHERE. EVERYTIME.


It consist of venues such as Shopping Malls, Retails Outlets, and Hypermarkets. However, we go beyond as we know conventional is always not enough. Our unique BTL approaches are not only tailored made and come with Integrated Communication Approach such as Social Content Marketing & Digital Marketing. These ensure you and your products reach deep into the market that really benefits you. All for you at competitive rates, because we believe that good services should not be pocket blowing.



Tapping into colleges to reach out to students is the new trend for BTL Marketing. The Gen-Z is a different breed on its own, as they live and breathe technology. To buy the hearts of these youngsters, conventional ways can’t do the job. We use Integrated Marketing Approaches like Social Content Marketing and Digital Marketing. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blogs, Instagram, Foursquare and etc are a part of Social Content Marketing, while Digital Marketing would be mostly SMS and emails. We speak in their language so they hear it loud and clear.



(Hypermarket, Consumer fair, Exhibition and etc.)

The norm is sampling and selling, but you should know by now we don’t follow the common methods. We interact and educate our targeted customers. Other than to convey the right message over, we also collect their feedback through a simple survey. Customers today not only buying, they are also learning. So, we learn with them.



(Wet & Night Market, Factory Area, Commercial Area, Office Building, etc.)

Your customers are not always at a hand’s reach. What do you do when they are too far away? Allow us to answer that: You reach straight to them. Regardless how difficult the location may seem to access, we have been there. From outskirt areas to odd venues, we are not afraid to represent your products to the right customers. It is amazing where you can find customers who adore your products.



What if your target audience is not tech savvy? Nor do they actively purchase goods? This is when we conduct our Education Programs. Serving as more of a community program, it is a bespoke approach best for baby boomers and children. While product selling might not be the priority here, we build strong brand awareness and brand preference among them.

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